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Kaustubh Pandey, Talking Tactics

The fast-paced nature and the unpredictability of the game lured him into football and the genius of Paul Scholes made him embrace it with open arms! Wants to reciprocate what the game has taught him over the years through his writings. Kaustubh also serves as the editor at Vavel UK and writes for Backpage Football, Calcio Mercato and EPL Index.

Utkarsha Mitra, Break Point

Good music and good tennis are what make Utkarsha what he really is. Attracted by their rhythm, powerfulness and captivated by the impact they both have on him, he has a never-ending desire for both. Loves The Script, Bon Jovi, Imagine Dragons, Juan Martin del Potro, Alexander Zverev and Milos Raonic. (well, that’s the list he gave!)

Himamshu Bt, Seam Up

From music to cricket, he adores most things that are old school. Give him a mirror and he will take a stance and face an imaginary Steyn gun! Alas! It is an incurable malady! Writes a weekly column on the day to day cricket happenings that he never fails to catch up.

Ananya Srinidhi, Gridwalk

Fell in love with speed, noise, and spirit: slowly, but all at once ever since she watched Michael Schumacher clinch his 5th world title. A kart racer herself, she is also gearing forward the track to implement her entrepreneurial ideas over there.