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Writers Club

Why should you join the Writers Club?

Experience the startup culture

Working with a startup gives you the feel of responsibility since you are pitted into a select group of individuals who are highly passionate and enthusiastic about what they do and each of your contributions really count. You get to wear many hats and learn new things moving beyond your circle of comfort. You don’t enter into an environment where there is a predetermined culture with its own set of norms and practices separating the fresher from the experienced. In startup companies, you get to contribute directly to the creation and growth through your innovative approach and ideas. You can dare to dream big and might just become one of the chosen few to live the dream. We at Sportwalk, value everyone’s contributions and move forward as a family rather than a team towards the dream that we want to achieve.

Think and get your thoughts valued

At Sportwalk, we value the thoughts of each of our writers and consider every little expression to be significant. We provide a platform for you to voice your thoughts on any sporting event and player while making sure that those thoughts get the right exposure and reach the right audience

Meet sports stars and a lot of amazing people

Yes, you saw that right. You get a chance to meet the sports personalities who have gone to represent several teams in various stages and interview them on behalf of Sportwalk. You also get to meet experts from various fields, meet new colleagues and be a part of the learning curve.

You win!

Apart from the experience, exposure, and the people, you stand a chance to win some honors through your writing and consistency! Right from the top writer contests for top teams to the awards at the end of the year, you can win them all. Can you take a giant leap of faith and trust us? We love to reward quality and consistency. Do you have it in you?

What do you do?

Write quality rich content on your favorite sport in coordination with the content team. You will be given a time period, brief about the content and the independence to work on each piece that you undertake during the specified period.

Depending upon the quantity and quality of the pieces you write, you shall move higher up the Writers Club hierarchy.

What’s the reward?

  • A Portfolio.
  • Giveaways and Merchandise.
  • A Chance to connect and make friends in S/W Writers Club meetups.
  • A chance to join the Sportwalk core team.

How do you join the Writers Club?

Write a mail to sportwalkcontent@gmail.com with an introduction about you, portfolio of your previous articles and your thoughts on why you wish to join us or fill the form below.

Sports you are proficient in*

* marks required field.