After race thoughts from Italian Grand Prix

Having witnessed the glory and the unanimous fanatics of the sport, Monza remains to be one of the special grand prix in the F1 season. The grand prix mainly emphasized the nation’s view over the particular motorsport event as one of their most prestigious and privileged event to have held up in their homeland. It might be an unfathomable feel for a non-native Ferrari fan watching those crowds swaying the Scuderian flag altogether after the end of the race hour, but it is a sight that epitomizes the true meaning of pride.

With just a handful, precisely, just 7 more races to go in a season yet again dominated thoroughly by Mercedes (probably a little comforting to know Ferrari had closed the gap and giving pinhead threats to the silver arrows occasionally), the championship title is getting closer by the weekend to the Briton, Lewis Hamilton. Trailing behind him, however, is his teammate NicoRosberg who looks to be almost oblivious in the whole title ‘showdown’, as they often refer it to as. It could be bad luck, or some may even use the dangerous term ‘premeditated’ when referring to Rosberg’s biggest blow this season in the last race when on the penultimate lap, his engine engulfed in flames. The uncertainty lingered like a dark cloud over his race even before the 5 red lights could lapse after Mercedes decided to fit in a 5 race old engine at the back of his title challenging W06 hybrid on Saturday. The Italian fans’ joyous chant was probably even heard by the Tsars of Mercedes when he retired, some would say, even more than when they found the man in the red suit, Sebastian Vettel, up on the podium.

Analyzing results on the widely crowded red side of the pit lane is bittersweet. I believe Kimi could’ve reached the podium but disturbances at the start of the race and those several collisions stagnated the Finn. Better side for the team and their fans was the podium position of the German 4 time world champion Vettel, who just went on with the conditions and maintained his position consistently throughout the race. It is almost obvious for the Ferrari to chase the championship title with the Mercedes with current developments. Chasing the scarlet reds are the more powerful Williams Martini Racing team whose drivers, Massa and Bottas had a close shot chasing during the ultimate laps of the race and finally, Massa with his experience, got the third position and had a good time after a long gap emotionally talking to the crowds. The team have made a great jump to show very promising results as opposed to the same time last year.

One of the main talking points that have been pivotal since the Italian grand prix is the need for the dependable engines for teams like Red bull Racing and Manor. Hamilton would be very unhappy if his team members agree to supply those engines with the Red bull, as the Australian has certain capabilities that the Briton won’t be willing to see. In case of not attaining mutual deal, they may seek Ferrari’s help as the team are desperately in search of dependable power units. Rumours also have been making their rounds that Team Manor are planning to get the engine supply from Mercedes. The team are currently getting the power units from Ferrari as one year agreement.

Worst of all, comeback of Honda seems overwhelming as the team Mclaren remains in a muddled state. Sources have been confirmed that car’s been equally competitive – among the four fastest chassis along with Red Bull, Mercedes and Ferrari – but that the engine is a long way down on power.Insiders say that the Honda at its best is at least 100bhp down on the Mercedes which accounts 160-180bhp of the total power of the engine, runs out of boost part-way down all but the shortest of straights and is by some measure the worst engine in F1. Honda returned to F1 this season for the first time since pulling their factory team out at 2008 season. The company has struggled to come to terms with the complex hybrid engines introduced in 2014.In its defense, it has been pointed out by McLaren that while Mercedes started developing its engine as long ago as 2010 for introduction in 2014, Honda did not start work on its unit until the early part of 2013. However, talking about things is of no use unless it helps in the team performance. Alonso has insisted that he remains confident Honda will become competitive in the end.

“Every day we do so many interviews and so many of them are so negative because we are out of Q1 and we are so slow,” he said.”This is a work in progress. We don’t take every weekend as an opportunity or a look in the times and the position. We know we are last. It is frustrating for everyone in the team but it is a period we have to go through together.”We are moving in the right direction. We’ll see how long we need to be competitive and how long I will stay in F1.”Alonso’s former team Ferrari, who he left at the end of 2014 two years before the end of his contract after negotiating an early release, qualified second and third at Monza.

Force India team seems to have a good time as they came back to the top five teams with their finishes in 6th and 7th. The team principals found to be lightened with their performance and the sources have been telling that the duo-drivers will be continuing their action in the next year too.

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