How can Gareth Bale find his mojo back and fast?

Everyone will pay to watch a Lamborghini cruise at top speed in a straight lane than watch it drift 50 turns slowly, cause the Lamborghini is made to cruise.

” Bale… Oh! Bartra beaten for pace here by Gareth Bale… it’s a terrific run… can he go all the way… Gareth Bale lights up the Copa del Rey final! It doesn’t get bigger than this for him! “

This was the captivating piece of commentary by Terry Gibson and Kevin Keatings at the Mestalla stadium when the world witnessed a moment of pure genius from the Welsh wizard and the moment when Gareth Bale finally became a true Madridista. Fast-forward 12 months from that mesmerizing moment; Gareth Bale has been made a ‘scapegoat’ for Real Madrid’s abysmal season. One can go arguing on about whether he deserved this public display of antipathy, but that hardly matters now. The very first job that Rafa Benitez and Gareth Bale have on their hands: To get his mojo back and fast!

At Tottenham Hotspur, Gareth Bale shot to fame when he was deployed on the left wing. The move culminated in a series of stunning assists and trickery past defenders. Later after Andre Villas-Boas took over, Gareth Bale was pushed out to the right wing and then placed behind the striker, when the world got to see him add a new weapon to his armor- Explosive goals! Likewise, when Gareth Bale plays for the Welsh national team, he is given the role of leading the frontline, where the expectations of an entire nation are placed on his shoulders and we are seeing him make history right now. So it doesn’t require a rocket scientist to understand why Gareth Bale is having a rough time at Real Madrid. He is basically a ‘square peg’ in a ‘round hole’ of that expensively assembled Real machine.

How can Gareth Bale find his mojo back and fast?

Give him his preferred side of attack

Ideally, this would be the easiest way to get him firing on all cylinders. Gareth Bale is by nature a left-winger. He has shown that he can play on the right wing these past two years, which should be merited, the only problem being he is not nearly as assured in possession when he is on the right-hand side, and his crossing and shooting is fifty-fifty on his weaker, less accurate right foot. If he is given his natural position, which is the left, he could use his extraordinary pace to get behind the defense on the wing and send in quick crosses from his preferred left foot. Gareth Bale might not have the deadly low center of gravity like Messi, which allows him to glide, but Bale can also cut in and shoot at the post.


  • Gareth Bale will be messing with the soon to be all time highest goal scorer of Real Madrid, the crown prince of Portugal, the one and only Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo has spent his best years playing as a left-winger and Bale being given his spot will infuriate the Madrid superstar.


  • Well, honestly Cristiano Ronaldo is past his bewitch the defender, step-over him and pepper the goalkeeper with shots stage. Ronaldo’s mind is telling him to drift into the middle to be a target man in the box and to poach goals. This is a good idea, opponents around the box would fear him, he has the physique to attack high balls into the box and also he will be at the receiving end of the service from both sides increasing his chances of scoring. That will keep him happy!
  • Ronaldo is 30 years old and he is in a delicate part of his career. Being the amazing athlete he is, it will help him survive for a longer duration. However, his stubbornness to play all possible games against all possible oppositions just increases his chance of injury and fatigue if he were to play in the left wing role. This new idea of him playing the role of a poacher will just help him prolong his career whilst also breaking records.
  • Ronaldo is a defensive liability. He doesn’t track back and help out the backline. With Bale in that position, Benitez can convince him to help out defensively. He certainly has the age and legs to do that. Doubt that? Watch his performance against Bayern Munchen in the second leg of the champions league semi final in 2014.

Stand up to Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo has a privileged position in the Real Madrid dressing room. He will take all the penalties and almost all free kicks whether they are effective or not. However, things have to change and Gareth Bale will have to start asserting himself on Ronaldo. He has to go to him and say: “Hey mate, I have a good shot and I fancy this angle and distance from the post. So let me take it! ”. Bale must have the courage to do this. He is the world’s most expensive player and he must take responsibility. During the first leg of the semifinal against Juventus, Bale was found in many places without service to him. He has to shout and scream for the ball to be supplied, just like Ronaldo.

Learn the local language

It was a constant complain from sources that the players couldn’t communicate easily with Gareth Bale on the pitch due to a language barrier. He has chosen Spain, he has been there for 2 years, it’s time he learns the language and smoothens things out.

Remove the Bernabeu monkey off his back

Every great player who has placed for Real Madrid has faced the wrath of the Bernabeu. It is a learning curve for any player, especially those from the premier league, where week in and week out players are adored. Everyone remembers the instance when Ronaldo swore at him because he didn’t pass the ball in front of the net. Other times, we could see Bale passing the ball to Ronaldo when he himself had a good chance to score. Cases of poor judgment, it looked like the Bernabeu were playing him, and he couldn’t think clearly. The sooner he puts this season and the negativity associated with it behind him, the faster he will be back on his feet.


Gareth Bale is not technically talented but he is blessed with amazing powers of athleticism and he has used those gifts to get to where he is. He wants to run at defenders, he wants to beat them and dare them to come and chase him. That is what scares the living daylight of players who face him. Not only Real Madrid but also Gareth Bale must remember this. It is what that made him a phenomenon and it is what that will help him achieve more glory. The Welsh wizard will find his mojo soon, will he find it at Real Madrid or will another club realize this and give him the chance to shine is yet to be discovered.

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