A guide to Coal India Hockey India League 2017

Ever since the inception of the Hockey India League back in 2013, backing the claims of the authorities and fans alike, it has succeeded in putting forth a quality display of hockey and provided the much-needed exposure for the Indian hockey fraternity.

As the upcoming season of the HIL marks the beginning of another spectacle, Sportwalk provides you a guide to the tournament, teams, players and more.

Gearing up for Hockey India League 2017


  • Dabang Mumbai
    Plays at Mahindra Hockey Stadium, Coached by Jay Stacy [AUS]
  • Delhi Waveriders (Winners 2014)
    Plays at Shivaji Hockey Stadium, Coached by Cedric D’Souza [IND]
  • Jaypee Punjab Warriors (Defending Champions)
    Plays at Sector 42 Stadium, Coached by Barry Dancer [AUS]
  • Kalinga Lancers
    Plays at Kalinga Stadium, Coached by Mark Hager [AUS]
  • Ranchi Rays (Winners 2015,13*)
    Plays at Birsa Munda Hockey Stadium, Coached by Harendra Singh [IND]
  • Uttar Pradesh Wizards
    Plays at Dhyan Chand Astro Turf Stadium, Coached by Roger Van Gent [NED]

Tournament Format

  • Round Robin followed by Semifinals and the Championship Final.
  • Teams are awarded 5 points for every win, 2 points for a draw and a sole point for a loss of two goals or lesser.
  • At the end of the group stage, if two teams carry equal points, the number of matches won by the team is the primary parameter considered for ranking followed by goal difference, goals scored and cumulative results of the two matches between them if necessary.
  • At the end of the group stage, if more than two teams carry equal points, the cumulative results of the matches played between them is the primary parameter considered for ranking.

Match Format

  • Four Quarters of 15 minutes each with an interval of two minutes between the quarters and 10 minutes between the halves.
  • 2 Goals awarded for every field goal and 1 goal for every penalty corner, penalty strokes and shoot outs converted.
  • In case of an equal score at the end of the semifinals/ finals, a shoot out is carried out to arrive at a result.
  • One referral available each for both the teams involved.

Player Suspensions

  • Green card – 2 minutes.
  • Yellow card – 5 minutes (shall be increased to 10 if the offense is found serious).
  • Red card (or a second yellow) – Leads to suspension and disciplinary hearing.


  • Star Sports 2 & 3 (also on HD), All the Hockey India League 2017 matches are played at 19:00 PM IST

Detailed Hockey India League 2017 Fixtures

# Date Home Team Away Team
01 21 Jan Dabang Mumbai Ranchi Rays
02 22 Jan Kalinga Lancers Delhi Wave Riders
03 23 Jan Kalinga Lancers Ranchi Rays
04 24 Jan Dabang Mumbai Uttar Pradesh Wizards
05 26 Jan Ranchi Rays Kalinga Lancers
06 27 Jan Dabang Mumbai Jaypee Punjab Warriors
07 28 Jan Ranchi Rays Delhi Wave Riders
08 29 Jan Kalinga Lancers Uttar Pradesh Wizards
09 30 Jan Dabang Mumbai Delhi Wave Riders
10 31 Jan Dabang Mumbai Kalinga Lancers
11 01 Feb Ranchi Rays Jaypee Punjab Warriors
12 02 Feb Ranchi Rays Dabang Mumbai
13 03 Feb Kalinga Lancers Jaypee Punjab Warriors
14 04 Feb Ranchi Rays Uttar Pradesh Wizards
15 05 Feb Kalinga Lancers Dabang Mumbai
16 07 Feb Delhi Wave Riders Jaypee Punjab Warriors
17 08 Feb Delhi Wave Riders Uttar Pradesh Wizards
18 09 Feb Jaypee Punjab Warriors Ranchi Rays
19 10 Feb Uttar Pradesh Wizards Kalinga Lancers
20 11 Feb Jaypee Punjab Warriors Dabang Mumbai
21 12 Feb Delhi Wave Riders Kalinga Lancers
22 14 Feb Jaypee Punjab Warriors Uttar Pradesh Wizards
23 15 Feb Delhi Wave Riders Dabang Mumbai
24 16 Feb Uttar Pradesh Wizards Ranchi Rays
25 17 Feb Jaypee Punjab Warriors Delhi Wave Riders
26 18 Feb Jaypee Punjab Warriors Kalinga Lancers
27 19 Feb Uttar Pradesh Wizards Delhi Wave Riders
28 20 Feb Uttar Pradesh Wizards Jaypee Punjab Warriors
29 21 Feb Delhi Wave Riders Ranchi Rays
30 22 Feb Uttar Pradesh Wizards Dabang Mumbai
31 25 Feb Semi Finals 1, Chandigarh
32 Semi Finals 2, Chandigarh
33  26 Feb


Third Place Play off, Chandigarh
34 Finals, Chandigarh


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